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Fox C. Crowe
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January 2005
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Fox C. Crowe [userpic]

Nothing is good in the world and the skies are icy and the ground frigid; the world is claustrophobic and I've never felt so lonely.

It isn't unique, it isn't anything. But, everything angers me. Music about love and films about romance and so many goddamn people telling me about all the wonderful things happening... For the first time in my life I feel there is no point.

Just... blank. Nothing's good.


Ou es tu?


im not sure if u ever check this...but i need assurance that you are alive and breathing somewhere, and safe. i have not forgotten you. call me. same number....716.830.0929.

-Colin Mockery.


i'm leaving another comment because we never got to talk. ive been thinking aboot u a lot these days because it was aboot a year ago when we first met. call me soon sir.
-Colin Mockery

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